Monday July 07, 2014

The Not Tech News Story of the Day

Like it spells out, right there above, this is not about tech but kinda is...really. We have been doing this HardOCP thing since the mid-90s and we have seen a lot of different trends come and go, but one we are getting invited into lately are "sponsored" stories. This is sort of like what you see on a TV clip show or a Youtube channel that shows you a multitude of different talking heads sharing the same exact story with the same exact headline. Except, where one major media company owns many of those stations, we see people banging on our doors every day to "allow us to share" their story content all for free and we do not have to pick up a finger except to hit the old "post" button. Sounds great right? Not so much. Sadly there is somewhere where journalism, reporting, and editorial go awry. Just something to think about as you slide through the ether on a daily basis.