Monday July 07, 2014

Intel Pentium G3258 Review

The fine folks over at Legit Reviews are putting the new K-series Pentium dual core processor through its paces. This is the first multiplier unlocked "low end" processor that we have seen for a long time from Intel. Legit managed a healthy 4.8GHz overclocked speed on this $65 which has a 3.2GHz base clock. And why this is so interesting is because if you are using your PC to mainly play games, most of which are not close to being truly multi-threaded, this processor may be a gaming bargain. Legit got some great results.

Legit Bottom Line: If you're looking to build a dedicated LAN gaming machine or Steam Box, the Intel Pentium G3258 is a great option for only ~$60-$65. I found it was able to keep up with the Intel Core i7-4770K in most of the games and even come out ahead when it was overclocked!