Thursday June 26, 2014

Intel Core i7-4970K Retail Overclocking

This is our first result with overclocking the Intel Core i7-4790K retail purchased processor. I am using the modestly priced ASUS Z97-A motherboard (review upcoming). We used its ASUS AI Suite 3 5 Way Optimization tool for overclocking first just to see where that got us. 48/48/49/49 with 2400MHz Corsair Dominator RAM with the core voltage at ~1.34v. This was a "hands off" OC letting the motherboard do it all. I am currently running AIDA64 for stability test and if we see good results there we will move to Prime95 and others. Worth mentioning, this same motherboard just overclocked my new 4770K retail processor to 4.5GHz / 2400Mhz at 1.27v with 5 Way Optimization.

It looks like we likely have a "winner" with our first purchase. I have been talking to several others in the industry and I have not found anyone yet that was able to eke out 5GHz with any kind of stability on ambient water cooling in a pool of about 8 retail CPUs.

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