Tuesday April 01, 2014

Intel-Based MinnowBoard MAX to Further Embedded Open Source Design

Today at EE Live, MinnowBoard.org released MinnowBoard MAX, a new low-cost embedded development platform for Linux and Android based on Intelآ® Architecture (IA). MinnowBoard MAX is smaller in size than its predecessor, but is big on compute power and customization. It uses open hardware, open source software and an embedded development platform manufactured by CircuitCo Electronics. MinnowBoard MAX is designed for use with the Intelآ® Atomآ™ processor with Linux graphics, codenamed BayTrail, and designed for development with the Yocto Project, Linux and Android. MinnowBoard MAX is a versatile, entry-level development option for IA embedded and product developers who need to reduce design and development costs by making modifications to the open hardware and software.