Tuesday March 25, 2014

How GPUs Help Computers Understand What They’re Seeing

Researchers have been able to advance computerized object recognition to once unfathomable levels, thanks to GPUs. Building on the work of neural network pioneers Kunihiko Fukushima and Yann LeCun آ– and more recent efforts by teams at the University of Toronto آ– New York University researchers have used GPUs to dramatically up the accuracy of earlier object recognition efforts. Rob Fergus, an NYU associate professor of computer science, told a packed room at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference that GPUs helped his team build models that enable computers to understand what they’re looking 50 times faster than with CPUs alone. That, in turn, reduced the rate of error when identifying objects in complex images from the 26 percent achieved with earlier approaches to 16 percent, a result achieved at the 2012 ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge.