Friday February 28, 2014

Industry-Leading Applications Awarded Certifications to AMD

Today AMD announced that the AMD FireProآ™ R5000 remote graphics card has been fully tested and certified by Autodeskآ®, Bentleyآ®, Dassault Systأ¨mes and Siemens PLM software, empowering secure and remote professional graphics application performance in the cloud. The AMD FireProآ™ R5000 is a single-card remote graphics solution certified for several applications from these leading CAD/CAE/CAM software providers. A one-of-a-kind solution, the AMD FireProآ™ R5000 unites a professional-grade graphics processing unit (GPU) and the Teradici TERA2240 PCoIP host processor into a single-width PCI Express 3.0 card. The AMD remote graphics solution is designed for mainstream CAD/CAE/CAM workflows that require high-performing graphics capabilities in the cloud.