Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Inventor Says He Can Speed Cell Data 1,000-Fold

If this was coming from any one else but this guy, I'd call B.S. right off the bat.

Perlman آ— the iconic Silicon Valley inventor best known for selling his web TV company to Microsoft for half a billion dollars آ— started work on this new-age cellular technology a decade ago, and on Wednesday morning, he’ll give the first public demonstration at Columbia University in New York, his alma mater. Previously known as DIDO, the technology is now called pCell آ— short for "personal cell" آ— and judging from the demo Perlman gave us at his lab in San Francisco last week, it works as advertised, streaming video and other data to phones with a speed and a smoothness you’re unlikely to achieve over current cell networks.