Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday February 03, 2014

XFX Type 1 Bravo Case

The crew at Hardware 360 has published a review of XFX's new Type 1 Bravo case. If you are case shopping, you'll definitely want to check out this review.

Despite the few design flaws the XFX Type 1 Bravo is an outstanding case, especially when you consider it is the first case designed by XFX. It has excellent compatibility that includes support for up to 4 dual slot graphics cards, 5 SSDs and up to 8 internal fans. The Bravo also runs cool and quiet thanks to the 200mm fan at the front. If the MSRP was above $150 we wouldn’t recommend the case, but at just $129.99 the Bravo is priced right to move.