Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday January 31, 2014

OCZ Updates Product Warranty Page

If you own a recent OCZ SSD, your drive is probably covered. If you own and older Agility series drive, your warranty expires in January 2015. If you own any other non-SSD product, including power supplies and memory, your warranty is no longer valid.

OCZ Storage Solutions is unable to provide any warranty support for the following legacy and end of life "OCZ Technology" products that were discontinued over the past year or prior: solid state drives from the following families, Core, Apex, Solid, Solid 2, Solid 3, Colossus, IBIS, Enyo, Nocti, Synapse, Octane S2, Octane S3, Onyx, Petrol, and RevoDrive Hybrid. OCZ Storage Solutions is also unable to provide any warranty support for all discontinued non-SSD category products including DRAM memory, USB drives, Power Supplies, DIY notebooks and peripherals.