Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday January 24, 2014

Microsoft: Competitive Pricing For Digital Downloads Coming?

I've always wondered why digital downloads of everything (movies, books, games) all cost the same as the physical retail versions. Well, according to Major Nelson, Microsoft is aware of the concerns and a solution is "on the agenda."

MajorNelson = We are way aware of this and many of the concerns of the community - we have some great stuff planned for Xbox One this year (and beyond.) As soon as we can share some of the goodness...we will smile

lshawmcminn = I hope it includes competitive pricing for digital downloads, because it does feel like we are being punished for downloading digitally. I have been of the strong opinion that you guys are going to take care of this fairly soon. I know there are a lot of things high on the priority lists for X1 and I don't mind that those things are taken care of first, but it should be on the agenda.

MajorNelson = It is indeed on the agenda.