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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday January 06, 2014

NVIDIA "GTX 790" Will Have 10GB GDDR5?

According to the crew at WCCF Tech, NVIDIA has plans to announce a GTX 790 that will have 10GB of GDDR5 640bit bandwidth, 4992 CUDA cores and will be release in February.

It appears that the "GTX 790" will not be a Dual 780 Ti, a Dual Titan or even a Dual GTX 780. It is rather something inbetween these three. A 780 has 2304 Cuda Cores, a Ti 2880 and a Titan 2688. The Nvidia Geforce GTX 790 will have:

  • Cuda Cores: 2496 (x2)

  • Memory: 5Gb GDDR5 (x2)

  • Mem Bus: 320 Bit (x2)

  • Core: GK110 (x2)