Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday December 19, 2013

Cable Industry Finally Admits Caps Not About Congestion

Remember all that crap the cable companies fed us about "congestion" and "brown outs" when pressed on the need for data caps? It turns out that, just as you've always suspected, the cable execs were totally full of shi...congestion all along.

National Cable and Telecommunications Association president Michael Powell told a Minority Media and Telecommunications Association audience that cable's interest in usage-based pricing was not principally about network congestion, but instead about pricing fairness...Asked by MMTC president David Honig to weigh in on data caps, Powell said that while a lot of people had tried to label the cable industry's interest in the issue as about congestion management. "That's wrong," he said. "Our principal purpose is how to fairly monetize a high fixed cost."