Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday November 19, 2013

Sony: PS4 Failure Rate More Than Double Initial Estimates

Sony has confirmed that the PS4 failure rate has jumped from .4% up to 1%. And the countdown to people freaking out over my accurate but intentionally misleading headline in 3...2....1. big grin

With less than 1 percent of shipped systems affected by these problems (up from 0.4 percent in a previous claim), the number of broken systems is reportedly within the "expected range" for a product launch. While we're certainly used to new devices that ship with a few bugs in tow, that figure still leaves a lot of unhappy gamers -- one percent of the million-plus PS4 buyers would still equate to 10,000 people. Sony says it's working to get these systems replaced; let's hope it moves quickly.