Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday November 19, 2013

Digital Delivery Allows Companies To Ship Broken Products Without Refunds Or Returns

Alright, I'm posting a link to this story because I know you guys are going to have something to say about this. Is this guy onto something or just on something? big grin

Not so long ago, if you bought a book with missing pages آ— or a DVD that skipped, or a CD or video game that wouldn’t play آ— you took it back to the store and got an exchange or a refund because obviously the manufacturer did not intend to provide you with an incomplete or broken product. The relatively new era of digital media delivery has improved upon this by allowing content providers to patch files and fix errors, but it’s also allowing companies to knowingly release inferior and/or broken products, often without giving the consumer any way to seek redress.