Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday November 18, 2013

Yahoo Finally Encrypting Data

Marissa Mayer just announced that, in light of all the NSA spying, Yahoo will encrypt all traffic flowing between its data centers by first quarter of next year.

There is nothing more important to us than protecting our users’ privacy. To that end, we recently announced that we will make Yahoo Mail even more secure by introducing https (SSL - Secure Sockets Layer) encryption with a 2048-bit key across our network by January 8, 2014. Today we are announcing that we will extend that effort across all Yahoo products. More specifically this means we will:

  • Encrypt all information that moves between our data centers by the end of Q1 2014;

  • Offer users an option to encrypt all data flow to/from Yahoo by the end of Q1 2014;

  • Work closely with our international Mail partners to ensure that Yahoo co-branded Mail accounts are https-enabled.