Wednesday October 16, 2013

Ubisoft Shares Dive 25% After Games Are Delayed

It looks like delaying Watch Dogs has hit Ubisoft pretty damn hard. I'm not sure what they thought was going to happen but missing the next-gen holiday launch is huge. Disappointing customers that pre-ordered the game and / or consoles with bundled games just adds insult to injury. frown Thanks to Yakk for the link.

Shares of French videogames publisher Ubisoft slumped more than 25 percent to an eight-month low on Wednesday after delaying the release of two titles until next year, missing the holiday season in the hotly competitive industry. Ubisoft blamed the delay on pressure to meet consumer expectations in the $66 billion hit-driven videogames industry and said the decision would cause it to swing to an operating loss for its 2013 to 2014 fiscal year.