Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday October 01, 2013

Interview With AMD About Mantle And New Radeon Cards

The folks at Hardware.Info sat down with AMD's Matt Skynner and talked about Mantle and the company's upcoming line of video cards.

Hardware.Info: "Two of the main announcements during the GPU14 are Mantle and TrueAudio. What they have in common is that both technologies are only compatible with specific AMD graphics cards. What impact will this have on the PC ecosystem, which tends to have open standards?"

Skynner: "Mantle is one of the components of the Unified Gaming Strategy we announced earlier this year during GDC. AMD wants to be at the forefront of all forms of gaming: consoles, PC gaming, cloud gaming, and so on. Since the next generation consoles all run on AMD GPUs, GCN (ed: Graphics Core Next) and therefore Mantle are already a standard.