Friday September 20, 2013

Tech News No One Cares About

Today's installment of Tech News No One Cares About is brought to you by the iPhone 5 S/C. Are you homeless? Want to earn some extra money? Get paid to stand in line for an iPhone! Beware of the spontaneous iFights that break out in those lines though. I wonder if "punched in the face" is on this list of 5 things I love an hate about the iPhone 5S. At least the Samsung employees that are spying on the iPhone lines are getting a show. Is it really spying if they are in public? Maybe they should have been looking for Steve Jobs' lost time capsule instead. Probably would've been found sooner. The fingerprint scanner on the new iPhone has apparently attracted the attention of politicians on Capitol Hill. Finally, Tim Cook joins the age of social media. You'd think that Apple's CEO would have already had a Twitter account by now. Then again, no one cares, so why bother. wink