Thursday September 12, 2013

Overclockers Set Five New World’s Records with Corsair Memory

Corsairآ®, a worldwide designer of high-performآ­آ­آ­آ­آ­آ­ance components to the PC hardware market, today announced that a dream team of the world’s top overclockers set five new overclocking world records at the OC Main Event sponsored by ASUSآ®, Corsair, and Intelآ®.

The overclockers at the OC Main Event included Ronaldo Bussali (Rbuass), Roy Komansilan (Dumo), Charles Wirth (Fugger), Ian Graham Parry (8-Pack), and Mike Gorius (Gunslinger). All worked together to push the limited of overclocking using PCs equipped with Corsair memory, ASUS motherboards, and the latest Intel Coreآ® i7 Extreme "Ivy Bridge-E" processors. Through close teamwork, the overclockers successfully set five new high scores including a new quad channel memory overclock speed of 3900MHz using Corsair’s Vengeance Extreme 3000MHz memory kit.

The scores recorded at the event are as follows:

News Image

The Official Memory and PSUs of the OC Main Event

To provide high stability and overclocking potential, the overclockers used Vengeance Pro, Vengeance Extreme, and Dominator Platinum DDR3 memory kits. The team also selected Corsair’s flagship AX1200i Digital ATX PSUs to provide ultra-stable electrical stability at continuous high-power levels.