Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday September 04, 2013

Another 1.8M People Just Ditched Cable TV

When are cable companies going to get with the program? Personally, I think lower prices and a la carte channels would go along way towards customer retention.

Another quarter, another dismal set of numbers for the TV business. About 1.8 million people ended their cable TV subscriptions in Q2 2013, according to analysts at SNL Kagan:

  • There were 366,000 total net losses across all TV/broadband subs in Q2

  • Cable TV suppliers lost 1.8 millions subs.

  • But telco companies آ— internet providers who also supply cable TV, in other words آ— gained 400,000.

  • 911,000 U.S. homes have cut the cord in the past year, according to MoffettNathanson.

  • The rate of losses is increasing. In Q2 2012, only 325,000 subs were lost, according to Leichtman Research Group.