Friday July 19, 2013

Intel Integrated Performance Primitives Supports OpenCL, Intel Graphics, OS X

Intelآ® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intelآ® IPP) 8.0 is now available to help application developers with a library of software functions for multimedia processing, data processing, and communications. This latest version of Intel IPP includes a new C/C++ library as well as an industry leading device-side OpenCL* library. Both libraries are intended to improve advanced image processing on Intel processor graphics, enabling developers to maximize performance, throughput and power efficiency from Intelآ® HD Graphics and Intelآ® Irisآ™ Graphics. These features are available as a free download. In addition, a production version of Intel IPP 8.0 supporting both Android* phones and tablets as well as a new download package for Apple OS X* developers are available for purchase.