Monday June 03, 2013

GIGABYTE Unveils Revolutionary Innovations at COMPUTEX 2013

GIGABYTE, a global renowned IT brand, today participated COMPUTEX 2013 with the latest GIGABYTE innovations, providing users a wide range of digital experiences. As a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, GIGABYTE introduced its 8 series motherboards, new G1-Killer gaming motherboards with AMP-UP Audio technology and WINDFORCE 3X 2 SLOT 450W Cooling System to offer ultimate gaming experiences. Also showcased were P35K, a 15.6" Ultrablade Gaming Laptop and U21M, a Convertible Laptop with 11.6" touchscreen, promptly responding to consumer needs of slim yet powerful mobile devices. Furthermore, GIGABYTE’s award-winning peripheral product Aivia Neon, which brilliantly combines the functionality of a wireless mouse and a presenter, was released to amaze individuals needing an all-in-one accessory on the go. As a global brand which always delights consumers with marvelous products, GIGABYTE will be holding experience events at COMPUTEX, inviting all visitors to touch and experience its Best of the Best products.