Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday June 01, 2013

ASUS Showcases Exclusive Z87 Motherboard Features

Following the reveal of an entire lineup of motherboards based on the Intelآ® Z87 chipset for 4th Generation Coreآ™ processors last month, ASUS today announced additional information on specific product features. As ASUS Z87 motherboards officially launch worldwide, they bring with them exclusive innovations towards better user experiences. Dual Intelligent Processors 4 with 4-Way Optimization dynamically detect and adjust the best PC configuration based on actual usage. An updated UEFI BIOS improves usability by adding access to a wealth of new user-friendly functions, and Wi-Fi GO! includes new generation 802.11ac wireless connectivity and cloud-dedicated capabilities. NFC EXPRESS allows for convenient wire-free pairing of desktop PCs with Android smart devices, quick content sharing, and remote PC control, all with one tap.

ASUS is also proud to share that the Z87-DELUXE/DUAL is the first Intelآ® 8 series-based motherboard certified for Intelآ® Thunderboltآ™, shipping with two ports of the advanced connectivity standard. The previously unannounced Z87-EXPERT was unveiled today, joining the ASUS Z87 motherboard range and also featuring Thunderboltآ™ technology.