Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday May 25, 2013

Get your Geek On: Today Is Geek Pride Day!

Today is a good day for all closet geeks and nerds to come out and celebrate and it’s especially a good day since it’s Saturday and the possible embarrassment factor is kept to a minimum outside of the office. big grin So take some time away from your computer and celebrate your special day with 25 suggestions from Mashable, by getting your Geek on. cool

Chosen for the anniversary of the first Star Wars film release in 1977, Geek Pride Day originated in Spain in 2006, where it was called "Dأ­a del Orgullo Friki." Yep, should you tire of the term "geek," you may refer to yourself as a "frik" (pronounced like "freak"). We'll take it.