Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday May 23, 2013

Kim Dotcom: I Own The Two-Step Authentication System

Not only does Kim Dotcom claim he holds the patent on the two-step authentication system, he says he'll sue if Google and Facebook don't help fund his court battle with the U.S. Government. Wait, why does he need money? I thought Dotcom claimed his new Mega was a huge success?

Kim Dotcom has announced that he is the inventor of the so-called two-step authentication system and has a patent to prove it. The Megaupload founder says the security mechanism, which has just been introduced by Twitter, is being used by U.S. companies more than a billion times every week without permission. Dotcom says he doesn’t want to sue, but might if the likes of Google and Facebook don’t help fund his legal battle with the U.S. Government.