Saturday May 11, 2013

Here’s What Moms Want for Mother’s Day

PSA: If you have been really busy and forgot that tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the US, you are now officially pretty much boned. big grin Of course you can rush to the nearest supermarket and fight over the leftover bouquets and candy, but why go through all of the hassle. A survey conducted by Rebtel on what mothers wanted to receive on their special day and the most popular answer was a cellphone. Now this may be a slightly biased survey seeing how Rebtel is a VoIP service provider. big grin

60.7% of moms said they are expecting a call from their son or daughter this Mother’s Day.- 92.6% of U.S. adults who plan to get in touch with mom on Mother’s Day intend to use voice/phone and a surprising 37.7% of those respondents said they plan to speak for an hour or more.