Friday March 22, 2013

AMD Radeon HD 7790 Review Round-Up

The NDA has expired and the review embargo has been lifted on AMD Radeon HD 7790. Reviews are coming in from around the internet and, as always, we've done our best to round up as many reviews as we can and post links to them here for your convenience. We'll add more reviews throughout the day as we find them.

Based on the award-winning GCN Architecture, AMD Radeonآ™ HD 7700 Series GPUs are built to game with the world’s most advanced 28nm GPU design. And the AMD Radeonآ™ HD 7790 GPU is packed with incredible features, like automatic overclocking with AMD PowerTune technology, or ultra-resolution gaming with AMD Eyefinity technology. And that’s just the beginning, because these are the world’s most advanced graphics. For everyone.