Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday February 01, 2013

Mega Search Engines Have to Play by the Rules

Wow, it sounds like Kim Dotcom needs to get his own SWAT-style team together so they can do raids on copyright infringers that use the Mega logo without permission. wink

The above triggered Mega to force Mega-Search out of business, proactively. Mega justify their actions by pointing out that didn’t play by the rules. Firstly, it didn’t have its own takedown procedure but simply linked to Mega’s. And on top of that the site used Mega’s logo as well as a similar design which may lead the public to think that it was affiliated with Mega.

"We have had some emails from rightsholders that said ‘these guys don’t even have a takedown procedure, what are you doing about that?’ When we are faced with a situation like this, then we have to act," Dotcom told us.