Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday January 18, 2013

Google Declares War on the Password

Have you noticed how devices like this sound great in theory but, once you add human nature into the mix (the real weak link) they immediately get lost, stolen, left in the USB ports, so on and so forth. wink

Passwords are a cheap and easy way to authenticate web surfers, but they’re not secure enough for today’s internet, and they never will be. Thus, they’re experimenting with new ways to replace the password, including a tiny Yubico cryptographic card that آ— when slid into a USB (Universal Serial Bus) reader آ— can automatically log a web surfer into Google. They’ve had to modify Google’s web browser to work with these cards, but there’s no software download and once the browser support is there, they’re easy to use. You log into the website, plug in the USB stick and then register it with a single mouse click.