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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday January 08, 2013

CORSAIR CES 2013 Product Announcements

CORSAIR CES 2013 Product Announcements:

Voyager Air

  • First all-in-one wireless mobile drive, home network storage, USB drive, and wireless hub

  • Streams and stores movies/music/documents with Android/iOS and Windows/Mac/Linux

  • Accessible via Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB 3.0

  • 1TB and 500GB versions, each available in red or soft-touch gray

  • MSRP: 500GB $179.99, 1TB $219.99

  • Availability: February

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Vengeance Gaming آ– K95, M95, M65, MM600 and Vengeance 2000 Dolby software update

Vengeance K95 keyboard

  • Fully mechanical, black anodized aluminum, individual white key lighting

  • 18 macro keys, lighting profiles

  • MSRP: $149.99

  • Availability: Spring

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Vengeance M95 and M65 mice

  • Higher precision 8200 DPI sensor and rugged switches

  • M95 available in black/white. M65 in black/white/green

  • MSRP: M95 $79.99, M65 $69.99

  • Availability: M65 now, M95 late January

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  • Rigid, flat durable aluminum core with fast side/precision side, no-slip rubber corners

  • MSRP: M95 $39.99

  • Availability: late January

Vengeance 2000 software driver update for Dolby 7.1

  • Free software driver update adds Dolby Headphone 2.0 7.1 surround sound

  • Availability: February from

Corsair Raptor

  • Corsair Raptor gaming keyboards, mice and headsets now available in the US and Germany

  • Pro gaming features. Built with conventional materials to hit lower price points

  • Availability: immediately in US and Germany, other regions in coming months

Flash Voyager GT Turbo

  • World’s fastest native USB 3.0 flash drive

  • Sleek, rugged, capless, brushed-metal housing

  • Delivers extreme performance without high cost of "USB to SATA bridge" based designs

  • MSRP: 128GB $179.99, 64GB $89.99, 32GB $49.99

  • Availability: February

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Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kits

  • Enables user to customize lighting of Dominator Platinum memory

  • Comes with two light bars with top lighting slots that replace existing light bars

  • Also includes blue and white inserts and installation tool

  • MSRP: $29.99

  • Availability: February

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Obsidian 900D

  • Super-massive, ultra-expandable tower case

  • 10 expansion slots, 9 HDD/SSD bays (3 hot swap), 4 ODD bays, room for 2 PSUs, 15 fan mount points, 5 radiator mount points

  • Also includes blue and white inserts and installation tool

  • MSRP and Availability: Price and details in official announcement upon release آ– ETA: February/March