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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday November 02, 2012

Pirate Ordered to Pay $1.5M Damages For Sharing 10 Movies

Being sued for sharing ten porn videos on BitTorrent? I have a good idea, don't bother to show up for court so the judge is forced to slap you with a $1.5M default judgment. That'll show em'. roll eyes (sarcastic)

A federal court in Illinois has handed down the largest ever damages award in a BitTorrent case. In a default judgment defendant Kywan Fisher from Hampton, Virginia is ordered to pay $1,500,000 to adult entertainment company Flava Works for sharing 10 of their movies on BitTorrent. The huge total was reached through penalties of $150,000 per movie, the maximum possible statutory damages under U.S. copyright law. It’s expected that the verdict will be used to motivate other BitTorrent defendants to settle their cases.