Wednesday September 05, 2012

Employees Bashing Major Video Game Companies

If you have the time, you really need to read this article. Apparently there are a lot of pissed off employees in the gaming industry. eek!


"A mediocre stepping stone studio for most developers," written by a former employee of Crytek's flagship Frankfurt studio four days ago.

  • Executive management has consistently shown their lack of business acumen by not having a clear strategy for the company for years. This resulted multiple times in changes in direction, rework, overtime and missed objectives

  • Hardcore crunching at Crytek is common currency. It's not just "some overtime" to meet important milestones, it's a terrifying mandated lifestyle and a culture of quantity, not quality. Understandably, this results in a cyclical exodus of inordinate amounts of talent

  • Salaries, benefits and perks are significantly below par for a AAA studio in the games industry