Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Monday September 03, 2012

GIGABYTE GTX 680 Super Overclock

Vortez has just posted a review of the GIGABYTE GTX 680 Super Overclock today for your viewing pleasure. You can see our review here for comparison purposes.

Surely GIGABYTE would be insane to release a card which uses 5 small fans to cool a triple slot heatsink, especially when their Windforce x3 card does it so efficiently. Nevertheless, they have released it. It's available as I type and should you get to see and hold one in person you will appreciate that Super is just one of many adjectives that could be used by GIGABYTE to describe it. Super just doesn't sit quite right for something so monolithic in appearance. I am relishing this card more than any other at present simply because it promises so much.