Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday August 03, 2012

Three Strikes Anti-Piracy Budget "Too Expensive To Justify"

After finding out how much the program actually costs, France’s new Culture Minister Aurأ©lie Filippetti says that funding for its three strikes anti-piracy program will "be greatly reduced." The country currently spends about $15M a year on the program and employs 60 officers.

A statement by French Culture Minister Aurelie Filipetti spells bad and possibly fatal news for the country’s "three strikes" anti-piracy scheme. The Minister said that not only is the cost of running Hadopi too great to justify, but the agency has failed to deliver when it comes to developing the availability of legal content. As the final insult, Filipetti said that Internet disconnections are a disproportionate way to deal with infringement.