Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday July 31, 2012

Netflix Agrees To Pay $9M To Settle Class Action

Netflix agrees to settlement without admitting wrong doing. Check. Lawyers get paid millions. Check. Millions paid to privacy organizations. Check. Plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit stiffed. Check. eek!

In addition, Netflix will pay $9 million into a Settlement Fund to:

  • Make donations to Court-approved not-for-profit organizations, institutions, or programs.

  • Pay notice and settlement administration expenses.

  • Pay attorneys’ fees of up to 25% or $2.25 million of the Settlement Fund, plus up to $25,000 in expenses.

  • Pay a total incentive award of $30,000 to the Named Plaintiffs. Proposals from potential donation recipients will be sought, and, after consideration, recommendations will be made to the Court.