Thursday July 19, 2012

Donate Your Old Hardware To Help Needy Children

Just a reminder that the Philadelphia Children's Foundation has a new program called Computers in Hand that gives donated computers to needy school children. Do you have old computers, laptops or parts lying around? Why not throw them in a box and send it to send it to these guys? You'll feel better and the donation is tax deductible. wink

We are in constant need of things like monitors, mice, keyboards, pretty much anything that your average PC enthusiast has laying around collecting dust. We accept any working laptop or non-working desktop with a P4 processor or better, the non-working systems are parceled out for parts or sold to a local scrapyard, any working peripherals, ram, hard drives, etc., and of course monetary donations so we can continue to afford refurbisher XP licenses.

The cause is a very worthy one, it's a registered 501(c)(3) charity so any donations are tax deductible, and the people there are pretty much the best you'll meet. Currently our demand far exceeds our supply, and we've got a waitlist of people trying to get computers for their kids.

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