Wednesday June 27, 2012

Pirate Bay Founder Fined For ‘Continued Involvement’ In The Site

It seems the courts just keep piling the fines on The Pirate Bay founders. This guy seems pretty laid back considering he will never be able to own anything nice, you know, like...ever.

Although the amount levied by the District Court is significant, Neij appears unfazed. "I don’t mind civil cases," he told us. "I don’t live in Sweden, and it’s not like an extra $71,000 would hurt the $10,606,000 I already owe." Along with the other founders of The Pirate Bay, Neij does indeed owe millions of dollars in damages and fines so his predicament and attitude is perhaps best summed up by paraphrasing the earlier words of fellow site founder Peter Sunde. "Why stay at just a few million dollars?" Sunde said. "Why not make it a billion dollars instead?"