Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday April 19, 2012

Big Government Wants a Black Box in YOUR Car

G. Minklein just brought to my attention that Section 31406 of Senate Bill 1813 has passed the Senate and is on its way to the House. This bill will effective put the government in your cars in 2015 and going forward.

Section 31406 of Senate Bill 1813 (known as MAP-21), calls for "Mandatory Event Data Recorders" to be installed in all new automobiles and legislates for civil penalties to be imposed against individuals for failing to do so.

Given the innumerable examples of both government and industry illegally using supposedly privacy-protected information to spy on individuals, this represents the slippery slope to total Big Brother surveillance of every American’s transport habits and location data.

Find your district representative and give him your thoughts via email...please.