Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday March 07, 2012

Researchers Say Laptop Communication Technologies Could Be 1,000x Faster

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have generated a frequency comb with more than a 100 terahertz bandwidth that can carry 1,000 times the information compared to today’s technologies. eek!

Many of the communication tools of today rely on the function of light or, more specifically, on applying information to a light wave. Up until now, studies on electronic and optical devices with materials that are the foundations of modern electronicsآ—such as radio, TV, and computersآ—have generally relied on nonlinear optical effects, producing devices whose bandwidth has been limited to the gigahertz (GHz) frequency region. (Hertz stands for cycles per second of a periodic phenomenon, in this case 1billion cycles). Thanks to research performed at the University of Pittsburgh, a physical basis for terahertz bandwidth (THz, or 1 trillion cycles per second)آ—the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and microwave lightآ—has now been demonstrated.