Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday March 06, 2012

Intel Takes Gaming Graphics to Next Level with Developer Tools

Intel Corporation today introduced Intelآ® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intelآ® GPA) 2012, the latest version of a powerful tool suite to optimize performance of gaming, media and entertainment applications. Expanding upon Intel's mobile momentum, Intelآ® GPA 2012 will support mobile applications for Ultrabookآ™ devices and Android*-based smartphones and tablets for the first time.

Previously available only on PC platforms, Intel GPA helps developers improve the experience of game and media applications by accessing powerful tools to analyze and optimize performance on Intelآ® Coreآ™ and Intelآ® Atomآ™ processor-based platforms. The tool suite enables developers to enhance application performance on smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks and PCs. Developers can also optimize Web content for browsers that support hardware-accelerated rich media, including Microsoft Internet Explorer* 9, Google Chrome* and Mozilla Firefox*.