Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday February 09, 2012

Facebook Ends Friendships, Causes Fist Fights

A new study found that Facebook made almost 70% of the people polled feel closer to others and good about themselves at the same time. What!?!? Who cares about that crap? I want to hear about the 15% of friendships ended and 3% fist fights! big grin

  • 15% of adult SNS users said they had an experience on the site that ended their friendship with someone. That is somewhat less than the 22% of SNS-using teens who reported having this problem.

  • 12% of adult SNS users had an experience that resulted in a face-to-face argument or confrontation with someone. Fully 25% of SNS-using teens said this had happened to them as a result of their using the site.

  • 3% of adult SNS users said their use of the site had gotten them in trouble at work. Some 6% of SNS-using teens said they had gotten into trouble at school because of things that had happened on the site.