Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday February 07, 2012

Judge Denies EMI's Bid to Halt Resale of Digital Music

Wow, a judge that actually wants a case like this to go to trial because of the "fascinating technological and legal questions" it involves? This is going to be good. Popcorn anyone?

EMI, one of the top four record companies, alleged last month in a copyright complaint that ReDigi makes unauthorized copies of its songs to operate its music reselling business. EMI asked the court for a preliminary injunction, which would have forced ReDigi to shut down while the issue was decided in court, but the judge refused, according to a press release issued by ReDigi yesterday. U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan said he is inclined to let the case go to trial because of the many "fascinating" technological and legal questions it involves.