Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday February 02, 2012

Rory Read - AMD Financial Analyst Day

Rory Read, AMD's new president and CEO got on stage this morning and put a lot of emphasis on execution. He made no bones about it that AMD could execute better. Given the legacy of Bulldozer, execution is something that is in obvious need of focus, and Rory fully understands this. Rory went on about strategy and how AMD needed to react to market. Consumerization, Cloud, and Covergence were three focal points of his strategy. Tablet and appliance products, use of cloud functions to enable new business models, and connectivity among all those devices used. Windows 8 running ARM is not being discounted either, but information was cloudy about how that was important to AMD. Trinity APUs, which will be released in the coming months, already has more design wins than AMD saw with Brazos, which was a tremendous seller for AMD.

Rory sees AMD as being a huge player in entry and low end systems while taking a big part of the low power market as well. It seemed as though continuing trying to compete with Intel on the high end was not the end game. He referred to competition with Intel as an "unhealthy duopoly."

"Focus and execution to build a bedrock of trust with its cusomters is of the utmost importance."

So what is next for AMD? AMD is going to "double down" on the Client and Mobility space. Thin and light, building on the APUs. Then AMD will attack on the traditional server space with a move to the cloud server space. AMD also needs to look to emerging markets where of course low cost, low power, entry level products are the strongest. APU and its progress is key for AMD.

"AMD is primed to capture the inflection point." "AMD is differentiation through Consumerization, Cloud, and Convergence." "AMD will lead by marrying market needs with innovating technology." "AMD is shaping its future with sustained execution and agility"

Rory was extremely passionate and charismatic and eager throughout his delivery. His monologue certainly made me think that he was not just passing out Koolaid, but truly thinks he can impact AMD in a positive way. Surely there are some questions about how AMD intends to compete in the server and high end desktop space moving forward. APU and discrete GPU are being banked on to pay the bills to move forward for sure.

2012 is a year of repositioning.