Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday January 18, 2012

FX GamExperience Showcases New Open World Shooter

Look for being able to get your feet wet with Firefall. Old Tribes and WoW talent working on this one.

On January 21st in Dallas, Texas, Red 5 Studios will be providing access to the invite-only beta test for their highly anticipated open-world shooter, Firefall. Ten stations will be running the Firefall beta to give AMD VIPs and the HardOCP community a sneak peak of Firefall's PvP modes and open world experience. After playing, attendees will be able to register for regular access to the exclusive beta which is currently only being tested by an extremely limited pool of testers.

Firefall is an open-world, team-based shooter set on future Earth. It will combine both competitive PvP and robust PvE centering around fundamentally skill-based shooter gameplay (no dice rolls) and a rich, story-driven world. Players can customize their gameplay on the fly by choosing between five different battleframes, each of which determine what equipment and abilities a player can use. In Firefall, a player doesn't have to pick one class in the beginning and then stick with it, she can swap for a new skill set at any time. Battleframes can be readily changed and adapted while playing, thereby enabling to team strategies that evolve rapidly mid-battle. Firefall also brings a new dimension of verticality to PC shooter gameplay with the inclusion of jumpjets for every character.

Besides being a AAA shooter assembled by some of the game industry legends (Mark Kern, former Team Lead of World of Warcraft, and Scott Youngblood, lead designer of Tribes), Firefall will be entirely Free-to-Play. Red 5 is committed to selling items that only impact aesthetics and convenience, never wins or power.

This AMD/HardOCP event marks the first of many events to support the beta and eventual full release of Firefall in 2012.

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