Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday January 05, 2012

Roku Announces The Streaming Stick

What do you guys think about something like this? All the functionality of the regular sized Roku, it's about the size of a thumb drive, has no cables, no power wires and basically turns your normal TV into a Smart TV.

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We’ve thought about this problem a lot, and believe we have the solution. Today we unveiled the Roku Streaming Stickآ™آ—a little stick about the size of a standard USB flash drive that will simply plug into a TV to instantly transform it into a Smart TV. It essentially includes everything in a Roku playerآ—built-in WiFi, processor, memory and softwareآ—and will deliver all the channels found on the Roku platform today. It will also benefit from regular free software updates and channel enhancements. With the Roku Streaming Stick, consumers will be able to enjoy a Roku streaming experience that is fully integrated into their TVs. They’ll only need to use one remote for their TV and for streaming. There won’t be any cables or a power adaptor.