Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday January 05, 2012

eBay Lawsuit of the Day

At first, this sounds like another frivolous lawsuit but, you never know, this guy might actually be on to something. Here is what eBay stands accused of:

Instead of acting as a neutral venue that is not affiliated as an agent for either the seller or bidders, eBay does just the opposite by engaging in a proxy relationship with bidders pursuant to which eBay acts as an agent for the bidders, and bids on their behalf up to the amount of the bid entered by the bidder. All the while, eBay keeps secret and hidden from the seller, the bidder's actual bid that was entered on the eBay listing page for the item being offered for sale in the traditional format... eBay's bidding system represents an alliance between eBay and bidders to the detriment of eBay sellers.