Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday January 04, 2012

Intel Core i7-3820 Processor Review

Ryan and the gang at PC Perspective have thrown a little review lovin' on the Intel Core i7-3820 processor today. Quad core, 3.6GHz and 10MBs of L3 cache at $285? Could this be your next upgrade?

Those debating between the Core i7-3820 and the Core i7-2700K then have to decide if the added memory support and additional PCIe bandwidth are worth the added cost. If you are a heavy multi-GPU user then that might be the case, otherwise we are kind of at a standstill. Motherboards based on the Z68 platform available now should be able to support Ivy Bridge in the coming months but in truth we don't expect the processor portion of that upgrade to be particularly noteworthy - only the GPU side of the processor will see significant jumps. On the other hand, Ivy Bridge-E may or may not even actually use the LGA2011 socket, as Intel hasn't confirmed, though all indicators show that it will.