Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday December 02, 2011

Spire Gemini Rev. 2

Overclockers Club has just put the finishing touches on its review of the Spire Gemini Rev. 2. The fellas had some issues with the retention bracket so, if you were interested in buying this cooler, you should probably read this review first.

So, what I've determined here is that I have a high-end cooler with a mounting design that needs some work. I have found similar quality mounting systems on $20 or $30 coolers, but not one that costs $70. With a mounting system designed the way this one and others like it are, it's almost impossible to achieve even pressure over the surface of the CPU die! Instead of having a full-faced, even contact patch between the cooler and the CPU, you end up with at BEST a line contact or even worse, point contact آ— both of which will completely destroy the performance of the cooler.