Thursday December 01, 2011

Small is Beautiful: 10 Years of the Mini-ITX

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Mini-ITX form factor, VIA has released the "Small is Beautiful, 10 Years of Mini-ITX eBook" that includes the history of the platform, a look into the future and dozens of pictures of mods that featured a mini-ITX motherboard.

The Mini-ITX form factor was first introduced on November 6th, 2001. Since then the Mini-ITX has gone on to revolutionize the industry and compact, power efficient computing. The Mini-ITX has inspired innovation and creativity for a decade now and is still going strong. To celebrate VIA has released the "Small is Beautiful, 10 Years of Mini-ITX" eBook which includes a look back at the history of the platform, past mods inspired by these revolutionary small motherboards, and a look ahead to what lies in store for VIA’s beloved Mini-ITX. This gallery is a collection of images of the mods featured in the book as well as some of the important VIA Mini-ITX boards form the past ten years.