Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday November 23, 2011

The Inside Perspective: The Future of Antec

PC Perspective has a new series called The Inside Perspective that will give you a behind the scenes look at the PC industry. The first TIP installment features a video interview with Antec's Communications Manager Jessie Lawrence, go check it out.

Antec was at one time the leader in enthusiast and gamer case design and much of what the company built years ago, like the P180 series, has endured years of modifications to remain relevant and these chassis remain some of the favorites of our staff. However, in the past several years, the case world has seen new entrants, new designs and new feature sets that Antec has been slow to adopt and as such they have fallen out of the leaders position in the mind-set of enthusiasts, even if they haven't in sales in revenue.